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Vaping: What to expect in 2016?

Martin Endara

Congressman Duncan Hunter

Congressman Duncan Hunter

To begin this article, I would like to quote Tim Klerekoper on an article written for Vape Magazine:

With all the industry hype and changing trends, it might be easy to lose track of the most important factor driving the vaping industry, which is the goal to produce an effective alternative to tobacco cigarettes. It is important to never lose sight of that objective.

It is important to remember that vaping is still a very new technology and of course it advances very very fast. If you are like me and have been vaping for a while now, you might remember you first device. Now, take a look at the device you have right now by your side. Impressive right?

While many things have evolved, some others must remain in our minds and one of them is trying not to succumb to all the hype created by many companies that seem to roll new devices like if they were producing t-shirts. Specially in Asia, some factories are not implementing strong R&D policies and extensive testing and we as users, should be aware of this and read as much as we can about the current situation. Therefor, quality is something we must demand on every device, batteries and liquids we consume.

Also it is extremely important to gather enough knowledge to ensure your safety while vaping, know what are you doing and always play safe if you build your own coils, if you are using mods without safety chips and so on.

Regarding flavor

Until now, we have been using mainly food flavourings for E Juice but more companies are recognising the enormous value of the vaping industry, developing  flavours for our specific purpose and that of course, it's a good thing!

Regarding Batteries

Many people complain about the duration of the batteries in their mods, Sub Ohm tanks and high wattage mods are demanding more and more energy. The cost could be significant. For example, if you carry around big mods with two batteries you must understand batteries, how to cycle them and charge them for even consumption in your mod and never use batteries that are not paired or "married"

Safety should never be negotiable, understand your need and always buy the best. It will be cheaper in the long run I promise.

Regarding Politics

There is still the need to regulate several aspects on the industry, but it is very important to understand that the common goal is to eradicate cigarettes and provide a healthier solution. What happened in the UK months ago, in my opinion was a fantastic opportunity for other countries to follow. Physicians are allowed to prescribe  electronic cigarettes to smokers to avoid further costly health problems in the population. I'm pretty sure many more countries will follow.